Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University

Information Networking for Innovation and Design

A key to the future success is the skill of networking.

The four offered courses will equip students with the skill to quickly give shape to ideas by making full use of development environments, such as the Internet and 3D printers, through programming and working with other individuals and organizations.

A key to the future success is the skill of networking.

Team-based practical training across thefour courses

Team-based practical training across the four courses

The Faculty offers practical training classes spanning multiple years where students across the four courses form a team in order to tackle shared tasks.

CS education in all the four courses

Computer Science (CS) allows students to acquire programming skill and more. The Faculty, placing emphasis on CS education as the foundation of networking, offers introductory classes in CS and programming education in all the four courses.

CS education in all the four courses

Emphasis on communication skill

Emphasis on communication skill

Students develop practical communication skills, such as presentation and debate in English, in order to solve shared issues with a team of students having different nationalities, cultural backgrounds and fields of expertise.

Programming — the power to help students regardless of the career they lead

Four courses offered by the Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design

Information Networking Computer Science & EngineeringInformation Networking Computer Science & Engineering

Information Networking Digital DesignInformation Networking Digital Design

Information Networking Business InnovationInformation Networking Business Innovation

Information Networking Social InfrastructureInformation Networking Social Infrastructure