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INIAD Makers’ Hub

INIAD Makers’ Hub

The maker movement, in which individuals engage in manufacturing, is becoming popular around the world. The catalyst is the wide availability of "digital fabrication" technology resulting from the infusion of ICT into the manufacturing world, which allows various shapes to be easily created.
INIAD believes it is important to support the maker movement. In order to do so, we have created a space called the INIAD Makers’ Hub which is outfitted with various types of equipment and tools and run by full-time staff dedicated to supporting the makers. This fully stocked hub enables students to realize their ideas.

Supported manufacturing steps

The INIAD Makers’ Hub supports the full range of manufacturing steps from processing the raw materials to applying paint and other forms of shaping.

  • Processing using wood, metal, and resin tools
  • Digital fabrication
  • Electronic circuit creation
  • Painting
INIAD Makers' Hub

Examples of measuring instruments scheduled to be installed

The hub is also equipped with professional measuring instruments for electronic engineering.

  • Digital multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Logic analyzer
  • Network analyzer
  • Spectram analyzer
INIAD Makers' Hub

Examples of equipment scheduled to be installed

The hub provides an environment focused on digital fabrication for executing the full range of manufacturing steps.

  • 3D printer
  • 3D scanner
  • 3D cutting machine
  • Laser cutter
  • Cutting plotter
  • Vacuum forming machine
  • PCB milling machine
  • Air spray gun
INIAD Makers' Hub