Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University

Campus of the Future with the IoT integration

Located on the Akabanedai campus, INIAD connects various equipment and devices to the net using cutting edge IoT technologies to operate them in a coordinated manner according to campus conditions, provide people with the optimal environment, and optimize the energy usage. The concept of optimizing the control of equipment and devices according to how spaces are being used is a goal of TRON Project led by Dean Ken Sakamura (scheduled to start in April 2017), and the Akabanedai campus has applied the results of this research to create the campus of the future.


Learning in environment enriched by cutting-edge technologies

There are no lighting or air condition switches in the research labs. On-campus sensors are used to automatically recognize and control the environment conditions. Users can issue instructions from smartphones and PCs over the network. Classrooms and research labs are unlocked and accessed with IC cards and smartphones. Lecture details and messages are available on digital signages installed on campus and via smartphones.

Programming practice with the INIAD Campus API

An API (Application Programming Interface, an interface which defines the conventions for retrieving information from, and controlling other programs and devices by a computer program) is provided for the various equipment and devices installed on the Akabanedai campus. All of the students will study the API and be able to control this IoT-enabled smart campus within the range of access permissions given to them by programming via API to operate these facilities and devices.

Examples of using the INIAD Campus API

  • The blinds lower and the lights turn on automatically when the sun is shining into the room during a presentation.
  • When a person uses an IC card to enter a room, the lighting and air conditioning operate according to that person’s preferred settings.
  • The elevator is automatically controlled just by standing in front of it by entering the destination or regularly used floor in your smartphone in advance. This is useful for reaching the desired floor when your hands are full.

Network environment suitable for computer education

The campus is equipped with Wi-Fi, and a sufficient bandwidth of Internet connectivity has been allocated to support information technology education, which enables students to bring their PCs and smartphones to use for classes and research.
The INIAD Educational Cloud is also provided as the cloud computing environment. Numerous courses which utilize the INIAD Educational Cloud are being prepared. The INIAD Educational Cloud is available for all students to use in their study and research, and the environment is supported by the INIAD staff if they have any questions.

Campus of the Future  with the IoT integration